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The magic of a live concert or a recording by your favorite artist envelops you emotionally and every time you listen, it lights up again. The drive to produce the ultimate recorded sound has inspired and engaged countless engineers, producers and musicians for many years. Sometimes technology gets in the way and detracts from your enjoyment, so the goal of component manufacturers is not to add or subtract anything from the music. Words such as “transparent” or “neutral” are often used to describe the characteristics of a key component of the reproduction chain. Our professional colleagues have told us that Merging does it quite well and this is the main reason why we want to share this technology with you. After all, we Swiss should know a little about being neutral!

Rosso Fiorentino is more than just a speaker manufacturer.
RF is enthusiasm for the magic that happens every time we create a machine that plays, it is a lifestyle, it is love for music and its ability to arouse emotions and bring people together.
From the beginning, I wanted RF to differentiate itself from other brands by its absolute acoustic performance, refined craftsmanship and Italian elegance. With Rosso Fiorentino systems, I want to convey our culture to listeners, a culture that is deeply rooted in all members of our company and that is based on a common passion for live music, an academic background in electroacoustics and instinctive pursuit of elegance.

Beyond the material aspects, albeit very important, it is important to understand what the philosophy (or approach) behind a product is. Over the years, people who have listened to NORMA products, and who have been enthusiastic about them, have often asked us what the secret was.
At the beginning we tried to focus on the answer, since, since these products are our direct expression, they are apparently simple and devoid of secrets.
Far from us the self-celebratory intent, over time we have come to the conclusion that, as often happens in other areas of life, the really important things are the less obvious ones, a sort of promoting thought that then produces the effects in the matter; for example, remaining in a field parallel to us, what is the secret that gives a Stradivarius violin such a particular sound?

Whenever we design, engineer and finally make equipment, we think about the concept of a contemporary audiophile, which means that each product must meet two main criteria: first, it must offer all our sonic qualities to recreate the musical event in its entirety. with absolute realism. Secondly, it must be easy to use every day and a pleasure to live with. These are the principles we follow because we ourselves are contemporary audiophiles

ArtigianAudio is a brand with a story inside. Its furniture systems for audio, video and hi-fi combine the typical care of an artisan company with the knowledge of the most advanced materials and construction techniques to guarantee the best acoustic performance of each system.
It was born from the consolidated experience of Bartoli & Sassetti in the furniture sector.
Founded in 1996 in Acqualagna, the company grew, the partners became three from two, the employees increased, a new structure of 2300 square meters was built.
An entrepreneurial reality that operates in different fields: custom-made furnishings; totems and displays for objects and accessories; furniture that complement the audio, video and HI-FI systems marketed under the ArtigianAudio brand.
Producing supports that guarantee the best reproducibility of sound and represent the excellence of Made in Italy in designing high fidelity design is the commitment that Bartoli & Sassetti carries out every day with ArtigianAudio.
Today, thanks also to the partnership with leading companies on the market and participation in the most important trade fairs, ArtigianAudio gets more and more awards.

All Ricable audio Hi-FI cables are built here, in our factory. In Italy. After a design and prototyping phase that can last for years, the Primus, Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus series come to life with top quality materials and continuous tests to verify their correct functioning. After that, the products are kept safe until a customer orders them

Oudimmo Acoustic Design deals with research, development, production, consultancy and online sales of sound absorbing acoustic panels, bass traps and loudspeakers for recording studios, home studios, rehearsal rooms, hi-fi, home theaters, restaurants, bars, offices, conference rooms, churches, school and company canteens, auditoriums, gyms and wherever there is a need to improve the quality of listening, acoustic comfort and speech intelligibility with high-performance bio-compatible products.
A natural evolution of over 15 years in the world of professional audio, Oudimmo Acoustic Design is a laboratory of innovation and design of products built with craftsmanship and designed for real quality and performance needs.